erster Advent

My Adventscalendar arrived just in time - that is it came yesterday which gave me today to hang it up


the best thing in the parcel was my new hat though ... knitted for me (instead of - I'm guessing 2 or 3 pairs of socks) and starring a fleece inlet to better ensure warm ears on the bicycle. I think I should ask for warmer mittens next, the current ones don't work well below freezing.

 it's teeny tiny so it will fit me an noone else ..

hat + me
(I should have put some blocks on the design wall for a more quilt-ish background)
aye Lizzie that's your quilt back there

So anyway student dorm planners seem to have this love for materials that don't like nails ... so where you would normally just get a nail and a hammer I have to get out the heavy machinerey (I got me some special teeny tiny drills, they don't work too well as they are meant for wood but there is nothing that small for ferroconcrete/ armoured concrete and I really just want to get a nail in the walls... )


But yeah "Selbst ist die Frau" ... I think I was introduced to the machine in elementary school with the words: "If you want that rack hung up, you do it yourself, I (<< my mum) will just keep an eye on you."


that's the picture puuzle + sweets advents calendar in all it's nighttime picture glory 
(ignore the laundry please - oh and the movie is the series Hustle produced by the BBC)

Ohh and while I had the machine out I thoought it was time to do something for the rulers ... they now have a nail for themselves ...


So now I can panic about not having doen any Christmas presents yet ... any tips? they need to be fast, easy, cheap, and independent of sex, age and interests of the receiving party...


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  1. Hey Leo, Happy 1st of December! Is it a custom to send gift for the First of December? Nice hat! We are still recovering from Thanksgiving here! I got all kinds of great suggestions on the blog hop for gift making ideas, here's the short list; pot holders, placemats, pillow cases, table runners, mug rugs, coasters, aprons. Along with a lot of edibles and quilts of course. Those were the most numerously mentioned. 'hope that helps, cheers, CW