sleepless nights and no mailing

I spent the last two nights there ...

my home for the last two nights

... and the days catching up on sleep ... because of this:

So I'm sorry but there will be no mailing till May - sorry to the Bee-people waiting for the blocks from the last post ...

BusyBee - Aprilimprov windows - bowlegged curvy bee - April

I don't think I already put the sneak-peek up for my April Round Robin part
(sorry Kirsten you need to wait too

Vorschau für Monika



  1. That is horrible and the bee blocks are the least important thing to do right now. I am sure that the bee queens understand that. All the best to you, Martina

  2. Sorry to read / see about the fire ...people don't generally understand when you say this or that volunteer activity is cramping your sewing time! But the blocks look great and everything will get done. I really like the windows with the solid colors! Your design?! Are the scrappy solids below them going in the same project? cheers, cw