Back in the game

I never knew a !§)$"§Q$§-boss could intrude into my safe sewing space ... anyway after 8 months of talking, complaining, mediating, ignoring things were finally starting to become slightly bettern. Then of course happy news this week for the boss (and me) he won't have to deal with me anymore come december.

It feels like suddenly I have time to sew again and do a whole lot of others things that I sort of put on hold. After a thorough cleaning of the sewing area and a little prioritizing of things that need doing I spend my sunday fighting with the instructions for a swap ... sooo much math ...

Zusammen mit ein paar Geschwistern auf deinem Beutel?

This is going to be part of the "main attraction" of the bag I'm sewing. The backside is already done - but there need to be surprises in life, so that will have to wait till it arrives at its destination. Then I can show the mosaic and the result in all its glory.

I had to sew in a zipper  - I can't remember ever sewing in a zipper without my very knowledgeable mother in "shouting distance". But I won! Ha!

nicht perfekt - gut genug oder Versuch 2?

Yes, I know the corners there could be better, and I shouldn't have chose a light pocket fabric, but apart from that I think it is ok.

Now I'm off to figure out the rest ... 

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  1. Sorry to hear you were having Boss problems, especially since it was intruding on your sewing time!! The nerve! The block looks nice and the zipper looks perfectly serviceable. It will be interesting to see the 3 diamentional product!