I joined the Lovelies over at the Friday Night Sew In (FINSI) for the first time, and I think I spend my time well. When I changed from work dress into my comfy weeked clothes I realised that I had been running around all day in a lovely sock mix up. I really love both of them, and they actually go well together, but even I am a little too old to run around that way - luckily they were covered by the jeans most of the day.

So and now to the being productive part, I already visited some others, and they seem to have accomplished so much more, but I have to say to my defense I was hand sewing. Some of you may already know my Flower garden and the little border auditioning. So that's what I did, started on the border. As the whole thing is getting quite bulky I decided to just sew a new piece and sew the border on the quilt later.

As I haven't decided, whether to do all the flowers with the dark center (it's one of the petal fabrics in the center flowers) or use the dark and the striped fabric interchangeing, I decided to leave the centers empty for the moment. The whole adventure was accompanied by

And in between I finished some more "save the Royal Mail" things. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II were custom orders - well I bought the post cards, but they were explicitly ordered by the addressees.


 Edit: as I'm preparing for the journey I didn't get much done on my flowers so I will just enter the one in the started border.

One Flower Wednesdays


  1. Cute socks! Great work on the hexies - so NOT my favorite thing to do!

  2. Loved the socks story. I am clumsy enough to wear different socks and not notice it until night too.
    Are the hexagons handstitched? That's something I could never do. Fabrics and I are not good friends.

  3. The mismatched sock idea is all the rage with young girls around here. They do it all the time. I once wore a blue shoe and a black one of the same type and no one said anything until the end of the day my principal looked down and asked me if I always wore that combination to school! Your wonderful hexagon piecing is going very well. I have never tried that style of patchwork, but admire them at quilt shows.

  4. I love your hexies project... it will looks beautiful when everything done. I always love hexagon but in smaller scale project not a quilt... I don't think I have enough patient when come to hand sewing.

  5. Love your socks! Your border is looking great.

  6. That border will be great!

  7. I love the mismatched socks too! Border is looking lovely and you are so right, it starts to get pretty bulky.

  8. I love your socks... perhaps dressing before coffee? It's definitely happened to me... 2 different shoes with one a slightly higher heel than the other!?!
    I too love the hexis and making them too. Not posting today, as I don't have a photo, but will next week. Take care!