a finish

Yay - Vicotry ... I always love finishing the last two stitches of the binding. Now you will have to excuse the crappy pictures but the weather here is rather un-sunny in the last few days and it's not looking like it's changing so when I decided yesterday evening not to take pictures with a flash I didn't want to wait another day to take a few pictures.
So let me introduce my newest finish:

 "Walk the Line" it's 47" x 67" (or 120cm x 170cm)

I'm done!

a quilting detail (and much better colours)

walk the line - what to do with the blue border

And that's it I need to go back to my papers and in between try to memorise plays ... and iron binding for the other quilt ... maybe more of the black I have a lot of black binding left over....


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  1. Hallo Leo,
    das ist ein sehr schöner sommerlicher Quilt geworden, mir gefällt auch Dein Quilting im Wellendesign dazu sehr gut.

  2. Love the colors and quilting!

  3. I adore blue and green quilts and this one looks super! Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Acquainted!

  4. Beautiful quilt and I really like the way you quilted it! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. I love the wavy quilting line on it. The colors are lovely as well. I love both blue and green.

  6. Hey Leo, That's a great finish! I like the pattern , not to complicated, itwould be a good one for donation. I like the colors to, green and blue are always a winner in my book. cheers, CW

  7. Anonymous29 May, 2013

    Blue and green. Very soothing. Love the wavy lines.