You can do it if you want to

That's a bit of my version of one of my mothers standard answers to most of my requests: "You can have it if you can do it" ... hang up a picture frame, a green wall, butterfly curtains, a bar in my doorframe to play with,  a wooden custom fitted rack ... 

Well I always liked the geometric appliquée things - not so much the Baltimore Album Style stuff (much too chaotic for me), but more the Hawaiian quilt things ... So yes - I can have one if I can do one, so I decided to sit down and give myself a pep talk. And decided to go for somethign small ... and thought about using the thing for a panel for a bag. I guess I should still have used some sort of backing fabric .. though of course the bag will be lined - maybe I should have waited with the quitling ... well yeah you grow with your mistakes

back of bag panel ...

  Well that thing was no good for a first timer ... absolutley stupid thing to do of me - but at least it's not too ugly. But I decided to have a go at the basics and asked around a little - the answer was essentiall: "Just do it!"

So I thought I would take some gemetric shapes as I like geometry ... and ended up circles of different sizes and parts of circles.

Block 1

Block 2

Again stupid stupid insane me - circles are not easy to get round doing needle turn ... and those tips of the green leaf-ish things - and absolute nightmare ... well they are all differentlly shaped ...



August Bee block instruction

For this month we - well I have already doen some - will sew somethign green ....
The first step is the fabric selection:

all green fabric selection

well yes there is some green - but that doesn't mean that fabric qualifies as greenmore greens - and a bad green       paired greens

Some more greens - but that top fabric with the ble screens is NOT green ---- and well yes that fabric too has some green, but it is NOT green

cutting instructions

You need to form 4 fabric pairs - light/dark - from each pair you will need:
  • First Green:  one 2,5" square, one 4,5"x2,5" rectangle, one 6,5"x2,5" rectangle (2 times light green, 2 times dark green)
  • Second Green: one 2,5" square, one 4,5"x6,5" rectangle (two times light green, two times dark green)
Sewing - quarter inch seam allowance
  •  sew the two 2,5" squares together - iron the seam open (and I would ask you to really do that)
    ironing the seams open ... placement of the longer square
  • when sewing the longer strip of "Second Green" make sure of the placement of the strip - when you place the "square pair" on top of it, the "Second Green" square should be the one nearer to you
  • add the other strips log cabin style (ironing the seams open as you go)
  • repeat for all four patches and this is what you could end up with (different colours same general look though)
  • please measure your 4 squares and make sure they are 6,5" square before you send them off
    4 squares together


    I'm lookign forward to see your interpretations. Any and all questions can be asked here or on threadbias - ther are no stupid questions.



    Storm at Sea

    A long time ago .. ok maybe a year or two at most ... I got this great book from Claire. And I sort of fell in love with the black and white pictures which - for me - make it so much easier to fill with my own colours ...
    I already used it to make an Irish Chain Quilt - but this one pattern Storm at Sea had caught my attention after the first read through.

    Storm at Sea
    Marguerite Ickis: The standard book of quilt making and collecting

    The only problem was the measurements given werent really working out so I played around a little ... and because I was getting nowhere I just sewed up all the scraps into a patch - maybe a few more additions and I will have a modern mini?

    scrap sewing - a modern mini?

    And then after getting a clear head at sport practice (and well hurting the so far unhurt knee .. the other looks like it belongs to a 5 year old who's learning to ride a bicycle ... not nice .. luckily the newly hurt one is just swelling a little and gettign a purplish-blue hue) anyway I felt like using some sitting down time and had another go at the pattern - this time going the conservative way = paper + pen to crunch numbers ...

    trying myself at a traditional block

    I need to work some more on the diamond parts - and get a better feel for the meeting points, esp. the diamond points .... As that block is 6,5" square I am seriously thinking about doing it a little larger, but then of course it would look ver different - I actually like the tinyness ... ohh and yes I know I did mess up the tinier economy block .. didn't use the light blue .... oversight on my part ...

    Anyone any hints on doing the quilt? I haven't cut the "real" fabric yet so I still have time to change my plans ...



    crazy mail day

    This morning I gotrung out of bed by one of my favourite persons - The Postlady - she asked me to come down as she had some overs ized stuff for me. That usually means I get a swap item ... so I go downstairs and there is a pile of oversized letters and I ask if I can just go through them and pick mine, well she said the were all for me.

    That made 4 letters ... ok one was just full of papers I need to send in an application ... but the important stuff ... The first quilt (in order of posting date) is this one - made for the April swap of the Doll Quilters Monthly - now ignorant me needs to find out about diamnods and baseball because "diamonds are forever" was the theme -- I really don't know anythign about baseball except thea use a ball, a bat and funny gloves - ohh and they enjoy sliding through the dirt.

    DQS - 2014/04 - "diamond"

    Then the next one - coming from Australia - is the May contribution of the same swap - the theme was "modern" - my partner is very patient because I still haven't finished hers - I know bad bad me.

    DQS - 2014/05 - "modern"

    I think that one is going to be a competition for the leave-mini that is currently on my fabric cupboard, maybe I will exchange them monthly or so ... And alst but not least - I got me a pincushion - actually after waiting for 3 years to get a pincushion in a swap I got 3 today .. (each doll quilt had a small one riding along). Well but this one is very special - well yeah because it's really big and because it's a frog and I have a little somethign for frogs and green. And it came in a July swap - and I'm goign to take it as an early birhtday present.

    hehe - me new needle frog ... poor bugger will be hurting so much when I start quilting

    So yes I think that poor bugger will be full of those basting pins once I'm done quilting redorangepurple that I spend all evening yesterday on my knees to pin baste. And I always have the pins all over because I just take them out while quitling and throw them on whatever "clear" surface I can find and of course they end up on the floor while I quilt-wrestle ... so maybe not this time.

    after an evening on my knees