Sunday Sewing

I did get some sewing done - yay! go me! (?go I?)

First of we have this beautiful origami paper crane, ehhh fabric crane

StasBee - Hive#1 - April

Followed by a hmmm it's supposed to be a flower with green leaves ... it's not always easy to "see" what blocks are supposed to be ... 

BusyBee - April




So far spring has been a more or less sewing-free time. But I did some gardening oer Easter ... sort of the spring high-light so far.

digging a hole ...

I dug a planting hole thingy for the newest garden-addition - a peach tree that's supposed to not mind the cold winters - well you see patch of land is in the valley, close to the river so ... you can dig about 10 inches until you get to the old rier bed - I guess - it's all pebbly and not nice to work with ...

But I also got to enjoy the early spring blooming things - theese blue hyacinths more or less grow wild all over the garden, there are also a few white/slightly pink ones that smell absolutely fantastic, if you liek the smell of hyacinths that is ...

growing like weeds ...



The big bad ugly

In autumn 2013 there was a one block wonder QAL I was reluctant to join, because I was not really looking forward to buying a big print fabric only to cut it up in pieces ... until I found one of the most ugly fabrics in my (inherited) stash.

the beautiful ugliness I'm goign to cut up for a one block wonder

I had no qualms whatsoever to cut it into tiny pieces and make a complete mess out of it ... but somehow the fabric worked and I started puzzling and tryign to find placements to get that colour flow within a squarish-shape ...

puzzling all night - and the next morningfinished top - OBW!!

Once I had finished the toop I had to look for the most fantastic backing ever - I mean with that front, it needed to be extra garish ... and I did find something ... more nightmare-ish flowers

basted the big bad ugly ...

now that I finished quilting ... I need to wait for nice weather to take some shots that show it's grand ugliness in its best light ...

quilted the big bad ugly ...


sewing weekend

I spent a weekend sewing an catching up on things ... with some lovely Ladies


I only did the pinkt block on the rigth side and one of the grey-yellow flying geese blocks - I did help (ehmm by watching an handing pins etc) to finish off the left sweater ...



the las few months ...

writing kept me insanely busy last month ... the only sewing I did was for the last two months was for bees bees and more bees ...

nested star
nested star for January Stash Bee

Butterfly - January NewBee Bee Hive#8

saw-tooth stars block
Stars for February Stash Bee

garden fence block
Garden Fence block - February NewBee Bee Hive #8

unscharfe vorschau
February sneak peak for the round roin

Ohh and I can't for the life of me find my camera - so I'm taking crappy pictures with my cell phone that I figured out how to connect to the computer after almost 6 years ...

Ohh in between my Ladies flag football team won the university championship here- well there was only one other Ladies team, so it was a little bit like cheating, but as there were only two we were grouped with the "men" - I still haven't recovered completely from the one team that really really hated to loose against us ... I'm just not build to be run over by almost 200 pounds ... so I'm still icing after every practice and tape is my best friend ...