Bee update and a swap mini

When I opend my mailbox after my Esater "holidays" it was full of beautiful bee blocks and my March Mini-Quilt. It was a joy ripping open a handful of letters in one go ...

ll that arrived so far - March Hive8
(you will have to excuse the mess in the corner - I'm slowly working my way through the boxes from the last post)

Now while I'm waiting on 3 more letters with blocks I thought it woudl be great to put all the bee blocks together - I'm wide open for suggestions on trying to sort which block goes where, because I'm sure by just placing them somewhere they won't look random at all ... I can't ever seem to get random by randomly placing blocks ...

collected blocks

this thing is gettig to large to take pictures .. I tryed climbing on the bed - which was too low, so I took a chair which worked somehow next time I will have to lay it out in front of the desk - the table should be high enough ...

Well but I did say something about a mini quilt - it'S from the ususal swap, this months theme was "keen on green" - but I won't keep you from the pciture, it's really a beautiful little thing:

DQS 2014/03 - from Francine

Any ideas oh great wise ones of the quilting world what one could do with miniquilts - take off the binding and put them together like a QAYG-Quilt? turn them into a tote? because I can't put nails the walls here (well the walls are so hard you need to use the drill and then you can put a nail in that hole) and I'm running out of storage space ...



home sweet home

I spent the last week walking around London - being very very gratefull for my trainers - the first half was all fun and touristy and the end was a bit more stressfull running around the Book Fair, that is really really tiny if you are used to the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig.

I'm not really an airplane person - my choice of transport usually is the train because buses are so slow ...

Frankfurt - main station

I took a local train to meet this one at Frankfurt main station to take me all the way to Brussels ...

dinner in Brussels

... where I had a lye ring with butter and egg for dinner (I probably need to do a post about lye rolls at some point in the future) ...

London below

... then I spent a lot of time looking at things - like the cellar in the Guild Hall ...

London above

... and wandering through backroads in the city - much more beautiful than main roads ...

King's Cross St. Pancrass

... and then I got back on the train on a beatuiful un-British sunny day changed the trains a few times saw some strange people - made luggage friends and enemies (I don't travel with the smallest of backpacks). And came home at night to a fabric dream ...

sewing supplies to go through

... part of my great aunt's sewing supplies - fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers and what-nots ready for me to inspect and decide what to do with it.



making use of free time

Having gotten rid of the papers that seemed to suck out al my energy ... I'm back in the game.

I finished one quilt

may I present a late night finish ..

am quilting two others

keen on green with a blob of colour

circling the square

sewed some blocks together

diamond stars - in need of some ironing ... and some fill ins in the gaps

got some Bee blocks to make myself a huge and not just a large quilt .... 

my first 3 March Queen blocks together ...

Ohh and we won our first tournament of the year!

celebrating ...



the end of torture is drawing near

It was an interessting experience, but I don't think I'm looking forward to writing a paper in English again - ever. My "thoughs" need to be turned into "howevers" and I seem to constantly mess up the use of "these" and "those" and have an un-English high use of "the". Did I mention I suck at punctuation?

Thankfully, for the sake of my sanity (and that of any other person daring to distract me while writing) it's almost done and I'm in the process of letting it sit and give the whole thing a break for a last read-trhough and last minute change session over the weekend.

So yeah I'm into "sewig" again - I didn't really do anyhting apart from preparing sport shorts for this summer = sew the pockets shut so I don't get disqualified.

I'm presenting the beginnings of: "Keen on Green" for mochawildchild

Keen on Green - DQS - 3/2014

And I made a dent in circling the square .... 

circling the square

And started on some star and irish chain blocks to send off  by Friday ...

reds and blue and a basic white