Back in the game

I never knew a !§)$"§Q$§-boss could intrude into my safe sewing space ... anyway after 8 months of talking, complaining, mediating, ignoring things were finally starting to become slightly bettern. Then of course happy news this week for the boss (and me) he won't have to deal with me anymore come december.

It feels like suddenly I have time to sew again and do a whole lot of others things that I sort of put on hold. After a thorough cleaning of the sewing area and a little prioritizing of things that need doing I spend my sunday fighting with the instructions for a swap ... sooo much math ...

Zusammen mit ein paar Geschwistern auf deinem Beutel?

This is going to be part of the "main attraction" of the bag I'm sewing. The backside is already done - but there need to be surprises in life, so that will have to wait till it arrives at its destination. Then I can show the mosaic and the result in all its glory.

I had to sew in a zipper  - I can't remember ever sewing in a zipper without my very knowledgeable mother in "shouting distance". But I won! Ha!

nicht perfekt - gut genug oder Versuch 2?

Yes, I know the corners there could be better, and I shouldn't have chose a light pocket fabric, but apart from that I think it is ok.

Now I'm off to figure out the rest ... 


Confusing Mosaics - or how not to do them

I really think I got the basics of mosaics wrong - I joined a swap (again) just because I needed this feeling of not struggling with the next and the next bee block trying to keep up and catch up. Anyway part of most swpas is doing a mosaic. Noone ever tells you how to do them, I mean there are no rules a mosaic needs to look like: a, b, c and include at least g and f and r, s, t are nice to be included.

Mosaik - zu konkret?

For me things were perfectly clear ... I want something with that signage on the left, something with circles and rectangles and lines. I want my name to be on it (or at least space to put it on it) - I want to be able to use it for a certain purpose (so it needs to be sturdy and please not white and no trim) and I want blues and greens to be the colours ...

But apperently I was wrong - that is not on the mosaic ... It is one big confusing mess. So we go with option two:

Mosaik 2 - Nr.1 wurde als viel zu verwirrend erklärt

Again ... right upper corner my starting point - now you can for example do a scrappy circle, or you can do some fun colour hue game with the reactangle (square) and you can use some yellow highlights or just read that lines and circles and squares are geometry and really a windmill is geometry too.

But that was apparently still not really clearenough ...

Now hoping not to step on any toes - I find most other mosaics majorly confusing -they rarely have a common theme. Some I can at least interpret as rainbow in any form or shape, but then there are then ones that make no sense whatsoever for me (blue, but other colours too, squares and pixelation, but also paper piceing, animals feathers, buidlings). Maybe I need to take a course in mosaic reading?


Mum's retirement quilt

Or maybe I chould call it "Second life quilt" - anyway, she got the first Quilt (in a decent size) I ever finished and then kept hinting about wanting another one. And kept putting little "page markers" in my quilt books and she finally wore me down to actually agreeing to make another one and conceded to her chosing the colours.

Mum's quilt

And that's the result - some sort of taupe, rosewood pink and brown .. I actually can agree that the colours work, though I can't honestly say I Would ever pick them myself. But for her they work.


yellow pink orange - gees everywhere

This is another colour study - pink is a colour I'm extremely uncomfortable with. It fits in the series of Red Herring and Green

pink, pink and more pink

Now I'm thinking about adding a thin yellow border folloed by tons of the HSTs - not sure if I'm goign to use them random or in order, followed by another thin yellow border.

still missing the border

I have one fabric I think will work for the back or I could always use pinks and sew them together - see maybe I'm going to do something all pink ... though I would say doing the back all pink is cheating.

possible back



summer sewing

I had time to catch up on some bee sewing after my summer holidays - first off was a bright rainbowy quarter log-cabin combination.

auf dem Weg

My first try turned out to be way to large - it was supposed to end up at 13" - each quarter here measures 10,5" yeah even I can do the math. So coming up is the second try at 13,5 inch with room to be trimmed down.

der eigentlich richtige

And with the last block I'm up to date - ?up to the month? - requested were giant flying geese in gray to black set in off white.


 Now I have a few more things swarming around my bad conscience - I will be working on that in the next few weeks alongside a few projects I want to get to the "batting order" stage.