My Place and Yours - kitchen

Now I was absolutely not happy when that particular room was chosen as this weeks topic for My Place and Yours - simply because I still have a lot of cleaning to do and movign furniture and hopefully getting rid of some (which is a really tough procedure in student dormitories).

Welcome to my (imperfect and hopefully soon improving) kitchen (did I mention that there were only boys livin gin there before? - they did nurish my predjudice that they are unable to run a household):

I moved that corner seat there - it was more or less in the middle of the room - oh and I removed the H&M bikini beauties poster from the wall, for ever, not just for the picture - the map seemed comparatively harmless and is better than white walls:

I made those pictures during my cleaning madness this morning, I had some nice sewing planned in as I didn't have anything important until 13:45, but after the coffe it just came over me. The beautiful standrd issue mix and match furniture :

Don't look at the mess of spices on the table ... and the chair I used to clean on top of the door frame (oh yes those doors are damn high) - the corner seat was where the spice-mess is (well the spice mess isn't anymore I got that done while burning my cabbage):

What happens if you mix Korean and German cuisine? That happens, it was a sort of "great job at the cleaning" and "I'm sorry you burned your blue cabbage" (I turned down the wrong hotplate) helping of something Korean side dish:

If you wondered where I store all my kitchen supplies - easily answered they are still mostly boxed up waiting in a corner. 

I'm veeery open for any ideas on how to improve that kitchen (I don't think it could get any worse) ..



  1. Your kitchen is big! What a nice change from my student times. Mine was messier and way smaller. And didn't have those gorgeous doors. Ceiling there is really high...
    That map on the wall looks really nice. I can't imagine bikini girls on kitchen walls -- you nourish my ideas about men running a household too.
    Yum, Korean food. Yum yum~!

    1. as to the mess .. you don’t want to know what you see when you pull out one of the cupboards or the stove ... yuck ... (but that will have to wait another week or my hands will dissolve in all the cleaning agents) aye I love those doors, I was thinking about putting some sort of arabic/oriental pattern in the middle panels, or something in the way of stained glass windows. Aye I’m lucky I got into a place sharing for 3, we have 2 bathrooms and a huge kitchen with seating areas, if you are just 2 persons everything is smaller and more squashed.
      Oh yes the food was good – and I’m going to learn to cook Korean now – well it was an offer and I’m going to take it.

  2. Good luck getting unpacked. Loving those doors!!!

  3. It has potential!!!!!! What say some cushions on the corner seat and a jar of fresh flowers on the table??? It's the little touches which make a difference isn't it. Thanks for sharing!!!