My Place and Yours - outside and a winner

Ok this is a bit cruel, but I will do the My Place and Yours  first. This time it's a very broad topic "something we see everyday outside". So I took my camera with me this morning, and walked into town rather than use the Tram (street train). The first thing I met when stepping out the of the door and turning towards the town center was the newest supplies for the building side next door:

me and some for this town rahter unusual cobble stones on the side walk, but they reminded me a lot of home (left) and the more tradtional health-hazard side walks (right) massive granite slides, very slippery when wet, not really even most of the time, and tiny red cobble stones to fill in the gaps.

Tram cables in the sky, you can see the way all the shadows go, that's the reason why I didn't take pictures in the direction of "out of town" though I might manage to do that later, because it gets really interessting there, the old fair buldings, the National Library, some monuments and very interessting churches (the Russian orthodox one in particular)

The "town castle" as the locals call it. It's the new town hall, there is an old one next to the market place, and there is one of the newer Trams, they are traditionally yellow and blue (together with some gray) (left) and an example of one of the thousands of miles of building side fencing (right) there is a lot of that here, but the reason would need a post on its own.

and now I have to announce the winner of the "St. Patrick's Day Give-away" (I still haven't quite figured out how to spell give away, give-away, giveaway). Mrs. Random decided it was No.19. So count, count, count and I come tot conclusion that No. 19 is Gill who is a new follower. The mail is out and I'm waiting for the snail mail details.

So here I have to thank all of you for taking part in the Blog Hop fun, and for all the great hints and tips and ideas on my birthday present probelm.



  1. Congrats to Gill! I can't help but be a little envious. :-)
    Oh, those tram cables! They remind me of my student years too, I had to take the tram to University everyday or walk by the rails side. They pointed to the University in the mornings and to home in the afternoons.

  2. It's a good theme!! I love trams, I remember riding them when I was little with my mother. I did A my place and yours post today, so its a little late!

  3. Outside where you are is very very different to where I am. It's nice to see where other people live.

  4. Not sure what happened to my image... but there is a cute little frog there so that's not too bad.
    Love trams. Get freaked out driving in places that have them, but love them nonetheless. Thanks for hosting MPAY this week.