My Place and Yours - laundry

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I will get to the laundry in a minute - but first I have another accomplishment to announce - I hung up the curtains. To give an idea of the height of the room the curtains are 2,5 m (98 inch / 2.7 yard) long (they were ceiling to floor at the old place).

Now the laundry: first of all, I don't have a laundry - not even a washing machine.

I collect my laundry in a grey round fabric basket-thingy in my room. I tucked it in the left corner behind the bed. But I'm planning on fitting it in to the bathroom. But I actually sort of "moved" (wihtout asking) a nice blue laundry basket to my place. (Thanks Mum!)

I keep all my washing powder in the bathroom - I wouldn't want my room to smell like a industrial laundry. Eehhmm and yes that's the newest bathroom lecture collection, not bad if you consider that I have been here for only 7 days, I have to add some Garfield and Calvin&Hobbes.

I use the shared washing machines downstairs in the cellar I had to go on a discovery tour to find them to take a picture (I haven't produced enough laundry for a machine in the 7 days I live here)  - there is a dryer (that tiny little edge you can see on the left) but I never use a dryer. I'm used to hanging up the laundry and letting it dry on its own.



  1. I don't use a dryer either. When I was a student I had a washing machine in my flat, but in my first year I was at a residence without machines so I took my laudry to my mom every weekend -- I was too lazy to hand wash my clothes.
    By the way, the ceiling at your room is really high! Your curtains are pretty & colourful, I like them.

    p.s. I actually wrote 'maching washine' and noticed it in time to edit it!

    1. Ohh I wish I could go back home to do my laundry but it's too far.