presentations galore - occupational therapy

I will just split this post in two parts as Sam tagged me in a little game, and although I tend not to  forward these kind of chain reactions I will answer her questions.

I have been a bit absent lately - moving and now the lectures have begun again. Well that's not really true the presentations have begun. We have all been away for 6 months doing internships all over tha place and now we all have to do a presentation. There are 2 complete days planned. I survived day one be knitting the "leg" of a sock - I had to stop there as I didn't take my "how to knit the heel"-paper with me, but there were plenty of cross word sheets going around.

no comments on the knitting please - it's my first this year and it will all straighten out if it's washed

Now to Sam's tag she asked (not only me) to answer the following questions:

1. Favourite quilt or crafting project you have ever done?
Is and has been for a long time my red rack

2. Favourite food?
Linsen mit Spätzle - which ehh doesn't exist in any dictionary I know. It's basically lentils in a dark sour sauce, with some cake/rind/slab (sorry those words were all in the dictionary as possible matches) and very important ... and now I can stop trying to explain it as I found it on wikipedia but they are missing the leek, carrot and onion (that you add when you cook the lentils and we eat that too)
3. Favourtie type of music?
classical music and you need to understand that term very broadly, some jazz and blues and if I have enough of that a very selective few rock bands
4. What is your favourite quilting method (i.e. paper piecing, english paper piecing ... etc.)?
I would count  them all as patchwork methods but  here comes the answer, I haven't tried paper piecing, I like english paper piecing but what I have done mostly so far was exact cutting and straight sewing and then praying everythign will turn out well.
5. A quilt you would like to make but are sort of afraid to even contemplate?
Ok I will tell you the truth - name any quilt and I will be scared to even try it. I usually spent hours worrying about the choices of fabric, colours, threads, variations - until I get to the point where I decide to just start and tackle each of the probelms as they come along.
6. Coffe or tea?
Both and en masse
7. Lemon/Lime or Cola?
Apfelschorle - which is apple juice mixed with sparkling water
8. If you could do one thing/modifictaion to your house what would it be?
Ha! I first need that house. But student accomodation has to be enough for the moment - I would love a garden though, some strawberries and raspberries...
9. What kind of car do you drive (if you drive, if not what is your favourite form of transportation)?
I get to drive a Honda Jazz, and a VW Passat depending on which parent I visit. I hate the VW Passat but that's because it's automatic and I tend to do a emergency break when I forget I don't need to manually shift gears. And I don't really like the Honda Jazz as it doesn't do too well uphill and it's very hilly, more mountainy at home.
But mostly I'm cycling - that is my main form of transportation, whether I like it or not.
10. What is your dream automobile?
Ahhh my dream car that's a hard question I would love a tractor, a huge red one with a sunflower painted on the door and "guest seats" in the cabin over the back wheels. Next best thing would be a VW bus or an old Post bus (I thingk you call them "van" and not bus in those cases, but I'm not sure)  So for a simple car a Toyota starlet (with a strong engine mind, I want to be the first when the lights turn green and see that surprised face of the black shiny BMW owner)
11. Dog or cat?


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