another Quilt Along

Today I joined another Quilt Along- even though I promised myself I wouldn't do too man things at the same time ... The QAL is just a week old, so there is still time to join, and no "catching up" nescessary yet.

Sewing By Moonlight

I know I need to cut off those threads, and I need to trim it to the 12,5 inch and I need to get some starch - maybe the block will lay flat on the ground if I drown it in starch.



  1. QAL's are always so tempting. I easily get myself over committed. Have fun with the project. I think you block looks great. A good pressing...and I do mean press down, don't smoosh it...will flatten it out.

  2. You are a better person than I am, Charlie Brown....I would love to join another quilt-along, but I am still working on one that I started about 2 years ago....

  3. It's a beautiful block, and yes, it will lay flat if you drown it in starch! Whoop whoop!!