feeling productive

I'm goign to be Bee Queen in June (and July but that's for another bee) and I had to come up with a pattern and of course make the blocks to see if the instructions work fine, and well yeah all the other reasons:
So I'm going to get a lot of blocks like those this month:

purple centretrial block for Junered centre
and because they are 6.5" I will get 4 blocks from each of the bees - life is wonderful

I also did get one Bee block for May done and the other one is still in the making but I have a few more days - well okay I have like 2 days today and tomorrow, but there is just a little bit left to do:
Newbee Bee - May blockFinnland for May - BeeBiased

I also did get around to sewing some scraps together I ad left over fromt he "never again skirt"-project:

using up scraps

And most importantly I did get another quilt finished late laste night - now I just need to wait for nice weather to actually photograph it (and my other finish - yes there hasn't been a good sun since then):

another finish! - still bad weather pictures - I want some sun!


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  1. Hey Leo, The picnik quilt is looking super! and your bee blocks look very colorful and I'm sure you will get the others done! cheers, CW