another all in one post

I remembered rather lat that I hadn't written my NewFO post yet, I also haven't done anything about the May review and of course I forgot any other occasion to write for because of this:

big bowlbig bowlbig bowl
 (that's us beating the Great Britain National Team, both days)

Ok but to the sewing stuff now: I did start a Quilt in May and I also finished it in May but I didn't get it send off in May - that is planned for tomorrow:
DQS - May - shape shifter
 That's it with my lovely toes as size referece - it's a swap quilt and we were supposed to do "not the usual shape". I will need to get soem nicer "daylight" pictures of that one tomorrow morning.

Now I think I did a lot of things in May ... I was mostly catching up on April though
DQS - 2013 - 03 - "animal"BeeBiased AprilNewBee Bee AprilDQS - 2013 - April
March doll quilt        -     BeeBiased block     -        NewBee block     -        April doll quilt

I'm done!trial block for Junepurple centrered centre
        Walk the line [done!]    -                my month as queen: some 6.5" trial blocks                                      

another finish! - still bad weather pictures - I want some sun!Newbee Bee - May blockusing up scrapsBeeBiased - May  - travelling around the world 
     D9P [done!]     -          Newbee blcok (May)   -   using up scraps      -      BeeBiased block (April)

And as conclusion a picture of the garden ... everything is several weeks behind here - it's been quite cold and rainy. I have been waiting for the phone call to start the strawberry harvest for 3 weeks now ... and I'm told they are still mostly green.

the garden



  1. You where really busy and look at all those lovely blocks!

  2. You accomplished tons this month!! You seem to be in almost as many swaps as I am. I really like the hexagon quilt. And please tell, what game are you playing? Is it soccer? Soccer (or football as I understand it is called in England and maybe the rest of Europe) is not that big here. That's my excuse for not being able to recognize it. If it isn't soccer, well then you'll know that I don't know that much about sports....

  3. Oh my! You have been very busy! Thanks for linking up and showing us all these great projects.

  4. Hey Leo, Congrates on the wins! Do you have a fixed position to play or do you all rotate? I've never really learned the rules for rugby, I just invisioned it's alot like foot ball only rougher?! Considering you've just moved , started a new program and are playing sports you've accomplished a lot this past month! I love all the bee blocks there's a lot of variety! cheers, CW