Sunny weekend and a new keep cool thingy

My team had a big tournament going this weekend - sadly we weren't given a spot in the Ladies' competition so we had to play with/against the seniors - which means mostly all male teams with the odd women thrown in.

We had great fun - winning most of the games in our group and entering the round of 16 - we never thought we would get this far (we made up our 2 teams by training attendance not by abilities). We met the team of the University of Lyon, France winnign against them with one PAT and getting into the quarter finals ...  and from there on everything wen tdown the drain 

The next team expertly took care of getting rid of me ...emergency care on Sundays is no fun ...especially if you have to leave in the middle of the game - but yeah ... you are not allowed on the field bleeding ...

Sport ist mord ...

Ohh well expecting to get kicked out at the group level we actually made it to place 8 of 46 so I would say we were quite successful ... we even avoided any major suburns - my best friend was my sunscreen SPF 50, yucky sticky and smelly but effective ..

Too late to be useful for the weekend some fun gardening stuff arrived today in my mailbox and I instantly put it to use making my very own "cooling scarf" - so far it's been very effective, though being a trial object I didn't care much about thread colour etc., I'm also thinking about making the next one with a larger "compartment".

cooling scarf ... testing ...

It's basically a thin tube filled with chemistry - well superabsorbent stuff - like in diapers that will release water very slowly over a long time and evaporation cools the neck a bit ... it's quite comfortable ... though I think I used a rather larg teaspoon of the stuff ...


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  1. I made hundreds of these from unbleached muslin for the troops when my daughter and son in law were stationed in Iraq! Everyone loved them and I couldn't keep up with the demand. They couldn't be 'pretty' or the soldiers couldn't wear them while on duty, thus the unbleached muslin to go with their desert uniforms. A local nursery donated the plant beads I used, saving me a bundle.