(almost) found my block

With basic geometric designs it's unlikely that you could actually come up with a new block .... but then when is it a new block, some take changing dark/light fabric placement in a  block as new - I so would love to introduce the the concept of the work, expression, manifestation and item .... so here goes MY "item":

it's slowly growing

One day while sitting in the corridor waiting for my profs consultation hour I whiled away my time drawing grids and filling them with colour. And came up with a pattern I thought perfect for a Bee with flying geese blocks. So at home I sat down and drew the pattern. And  wrote a tutorial (that seems to case a headache for a lot of people, though they can't tell me where the problem is)

Octagees are done ... well ok still to do the final cutting instructions .. but there is an end in sight

And then Jen from Quilter in the Closet made my block and linked to this picture: which is pretty much my block in old and white and red instead of yellow and blue and new

picture courtesy of: liveauctoneers.com
So today while I was leafing through books (real paper ones and electonic versions) looking for a pattern I would like to use to decimate my green and ble stash (ok I was avoiding to clean the bathroom). I came across some fairly similar patterns.

There are actually quite a few similar blocks:
Nancy Cabot has one with only 4 flying gees and also they point inwards
Home Art Studios has one named Tangled Cobwebs with same as Nancy's but with tiny squares in the corners
The others all have a lot more flying geese, but still all pointing inward - Spider Web/Wild Goose Chase (Mrs. Danner's Quilts) and Rising Sun (Miall) do have an 8 point star in the centre the geese pointing inwards and a border of HSTs to be connected to form more 8 pointed stars in the corners and flying geese wehn joined together.

Do you ever try to find out where a pattern comes from?

Now out of curiosity I might attempt to make one of those blocks too ... see where I could have made something different / better ....

And I will have to think about adding a sashing similar to the Spider Web/ Wild Goose Chase and Rising Sun blocks - though I will try a mock up fist ...



  1. Oh no, what a pity! But your block looks great. I really like it . Although it seems to be really a lot of sewing.

  2. Hey Leo, That's a great block pattern! and I like you colors. And yes it's pretty hard to come up with a completely original design. 200 yrs or so of block design by quilter's and a couple of thousand years of geometric surfaces designs of a kinds makes it pretty difficult! But it was original to you at the time and the 'play' involved is really what matters?! cheers!