potholders - new town - new job

I am enjoying discovering the town I'm going to live and (come Monday) work in. I did already discover 3 fabric stores and the internet tells me there are even more.

Yesterday I didn't feel like doing much - is awfully hot - so I went to get some fresh fruits, never can have enough of them in the heat. Well I stumbled upon this fabric store - absolutely useless for "real" quilting but hey they did have a bit of thermolam and the odd bist of 100% cotton fabrics. And a few hours later:

new potholders - yes I'm desperate enough to completely handsew them
hmm yeah I already used them today cooking lunch

The red one took me all afternoon --- the blue one was easy peasy done after dinner ...

detail dot-potholderdetail - square-potholder


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  1. Potholders are always a good start! It looks like you had quilted them! I hope you are setting into your new situation well! cheers!