yellow pink orange - gees everywhere

This is another colour study - pink is a colour I'm extremely uncomfortable with. It fits in the series of Red Herring and Green

pink, pink and more pink

Now I'm thinking about adding a thin yellow border folloed by tons of the HSTs - not sure if I'm goign to use them random or in order, followed by another thin yellow border.

still missing the border

I have one fabric I think will work for the back or I could always use pinks and sew them together - see maybe I'm going to do something all pink ... though I would say doing the back all pink is cheating.

possible back



  1. Hello Leonie,
    what about taking the darkest color in the quilt for the binding? I like your color combination with the yellow, pink and orange.

  2. Hi Leo, That is a very bright and cheerful top! And your plans for the border sound like a good compliment to the center! cheers, cw