please hold the line ---- tüdelüdelüüüüü

Thanks to the strike by the Belgian railway workers my trains home were cancelled. There is no Eurostar entereing Belgium and there are no trains leaving Belgium towards Germany.

So the first idea was to call the Eurostar and ask if I could take another train. Answer: you bought your ticket in Germany - call them.

So I called Germany, to ask them about changeing the ticket. Answer: you have a problem with trains in Belgium, please call them.

Well as I want to be home for Christmas I called Belgium. Answer: We are not responsible, you have to call Eurostar.

So no luck there, and I was back on the phone with Eurostar. Answer: There are still trains via France. But we can't sell you tickets beyond Paris. So you better call France or Germany to get another ticket.

Imagine my joy being on the phone with Germany again. Answer: You can buy a new ticket, but there will be no refunding.

That is no option wiht a new ticket costing a bit less than my monthly allowance.

Finally a last desperate attempt - a journey to St Pancras International to the ticket office - and suddenly everything became fine.

A little later than planned - but I should manage to be home for Christmas.

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