the 5th season

Realising that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday made me a little homesick, but it's just 4 more nights ...
I missed what we traditionally call "Fasnet" (Fastnacht), which is a lot of celebrating and eating and generally having fun. We start celebrating on the 6th of January by digging out the costumes and masks ... then there is a break of a few weeks until the Thursday before Ash Wednesday when the true festivities begin. There will be prcessions, there will be a lot of food - as traditionally all the food that could go bad (meat, eggs, lard .. ) had to be used up before the time of fasting. The official end of "Fasnet" is at midnight, with the traditional burning of a straw man (depending on who you believe, the straw man depicts the winter or all the sins)
You wonder what all that has to do we fabric - the costumes of course, there are so many and many of them, wonderfully sewn, so I though I would show some of them.

I searched the WWW for some nice pictures of the myriades of different costumes - as the villages and towns wach have their own costumes.

If you need to use up large amounts of solids:

"forest devil" c NetCurLi

Or would you rather use up your scraps? maybe in combination with some appliquee?

c B. Sasse
c Mühlheim Tourisitk
Schantle c www.neuangekommen.de
something easy for the beginner, and something for our embroiderers
details c H. Hölsch
 "port jester" c Peter Sikora

Just to show that there is some hard work included - those bell belts usually weigh between 10 and 13 kg and in order to make them ring nicely you have to hopp slightly.

c H. Hölsch


  1. Aww, tolle Bilder. I miss it too. But it has been so long for me now that I have seen a proper Fasching that I can barely remember them.

  2. Such creative costumes!