... between London and Brussels, and during lunch break there I worked on theborder ...

... and between Brussels and Cologne I started pulling the paper shapes ...

... and between Cologne and Mannheim I undid the rest ...
(and took a picture this morning on the cleaned floor

Can you find mistakes? I can!

That's how I managed to survive my 11 hours, to be exact 11 hours and 1 minute train journey from London to home without going insane. I couldn't do anything between Mannheim and Stuttgart because I couldn't get any space for my luggage, so I got into trouble for storing it and myslef "in the way".


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  1. Glad to know you are back home sound and safe. :-) My longest train journey was 12 hours and I didn't even cross the frontier. Sigh!
    I can't find any mistake! In fact, I am astonished you managed to sew anything at all carrying so many bags. Congratulations!

  2. Great post and beautiful quilt !