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Some of you may know Kat, owner of the Diary of a Flutter.Kat Blog and her shop Flutter from.Kat where she sells the most beautiful girls clothing (my sisters have sadly outgrown her size range - and I doubt they would wear a dress, wel lmaybe if I asked them nicely) and accessoirs. Kat decided to design some more patterns for her shop and because I'm such a beginner and no use at sewing [that is my opinion not Kat's] I will test a cushion pattern for her. If  I - together with the pattern - can turn some of my fabric into a beautiful cushion it's proven that the pattern is foolproof and ready for her shop.  

Kat made some really nice cushions so I did feel some pressure  ... but I'm a beginner I'm allowed to make mistakes - the freedom of the fool or so.

I started my preparations by buying an "inch ruler"  - not surprisingly all my other rulers are in centimetres. I owuld love to show you my first cushion, but well it never made it into existence. When it came to making sure my front panel was 15 X 15 inches I .. errrr .. mixed up my rulers and without thinking cut at 15 cm  (blushing here from embarassment). My second try went rather well I would say. Apart from my wonky straight lines and imperfect waves.

I can present you however a perfect back:


PS: my mother is happy with her new cushion
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