unreliable postal services

I send off a packet about 5 days ago to my Initial heart swap logo partner who lives in AUSTRIA. Today I was curious who on earth would send me a packet - and I had to discover that said packet was sent back to me with the reason "not enough stamps on it to go to AUSTRALIA", now my hand writing isn't that bad. I really hope I can manage to get the packet sent off again in time to be in Austria by the 14th. Valentines SWAPs should arrive on Valentines day. I decided to print out the address this time. No chance to mistake my handwritten AUSTRIA for AUSTRALIA - however they did that.


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  1. No, your handwriting isn't bad AT ALL. Someone at the post office didn't go to school time enough to learn the difference between Austria and Australia. I hope your packet gets there by the 14th.
    In cases like this, I often write the name of the country in two languages (usually Spanish & English) to avoid confusion.
    Good luck this time!