WiP Wednesday

I didn't get much done there was the unproductive weekend, then the productive Monday and recession again on Tuesday - though I do have a very very good excuse for that. I was asked to accompany "Press" to a concert in the Royal Festival Hall (also known as Southbank center). Of course I enjoyed that tremendously. It was fun going to the extra ticket counter and not having to wait in line.

The concert was broadcasted live on BBC Radio 3 - so we were asked to not cough during the msuic, but to wait until the break. 

That's how they make sure you turn off your phone:

And of course very important - as I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday  my report:
New projects: none
Ongoing projects : Hexagonflowerquilt
No progress: On nothing - except those that have been resting for over a year (but that's not hard with just 1 work in progress ... it's a bit like cheating)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Edit: I almost forgot that I decided to joint the One Flower Wednesday for the first time - it's not really 1 single flower I'm singing up there, but I'm not going to take the quilt apart, but I'm sure they won't mind entering several flowers for the first sign up.

One Flower Wednesdays


  1. Welcome to One Flower Wednesday, your garden is growing beautifully!

  2. Beautiful garden, your flowers are such a pretty color. Until next Wednesday....keep tending your garden.