catching up

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I didn't realize that I had been so busy .. I wrote a ton of mail ... all paper mail no fabric mail and used some of the not green envelopes and I can report they are standard sized and each of them was painstakingly measured and tested by the dear Lady in the post office.

I played around on the sewing machine

I finsihed a swap project and was just about to post the pictures when I realised that the recipient yould be reading .. so here are soem left overs and scraps from the sewing (sorry it's already dark, no daylight picture). Maybe I should add some of that green fabric to the give away - I didn't remember I had that much left of it.

Even better news I got mail! Batting ... finally some batting again (ok some fabrics too), all my batting had made its way mysteriously into projects of my mum. I will never store anything hand craft related at her place, I will entrust grandma with it. She returend everything the way I left it.

so because there is some fabric in here and one "sewn" word I would say I can link up with Manic Monday


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  1. I love the leftover scraps picture! :) Always good to finish something. Just popping by to say that there's updated pictures on the flickr group for the block swap, and more to come soon as the person doing shops has got going, and she's doing lovely work. Here's the flickr link http://www.flickr.com/groups/1862464@N25/