My place and Yours : bed

First of all I have a little complainign about google/blogger. They promised there was to be no trouble with the google friend connect thingy for blogger users, but of course it is not showing anymore on my site. Thanks oh big giant google company!

Enough of that,I'm joining Deb again for the My Place and Yours fun I'm going to introduce you to my new beedroom and new bed (so far I experienced 2 nights in it - the room and the bed), slightly new blanket and still young oldest pillow. Mind I don't usually do my bed, but I will have a visitor later today so ehemmm yes my good upbrining is coming through.

It's an absolute mismatch, but I just grabbed my blanket the smallest pillow and the first bedsheet I came across, stuffed it all in my backpack - I really didn't want to take the sleeoing back.

The story behind the blanket and the pillow: I got the blanket (newly) when I first moved out over 3 years ago, it is very special becuase it's 2m (~79") which was a major improvement to the 1,8m (~71") I had before (that was a real old blanket and apparently standard size at one point).
The pillow is small and absolutely not standard and all the covers that exist for it are home made. It's been the my cot pillow

And now a last excuse, I know you all work with colours in some way, and I know those colours just don't fit well. Maybe MPAY is giving me another in the future. This topic reallc caught me at a bad time.

I  just find that on my computer, that was my bed at home during the Christmas holidays. It looked like that when I got there, and I guess after I went but not while I was there, I'm really no fan of doing my bed.

Sorry for the huge amount of text and so few eye candy.



  1. That sounds a good idea - not sure I'd show my bed, so you are brave! :) If you'd like to join, I need to check with the other people, as I'd pretty much fixed on 6. I'm certainly happy to do a one-block swap with you and make another church - let me see if the others would be happy to make more blocks. Have you something in mind you'd want to make?

  2. As long as your bed is comfy it doesn't matter if the colours don't match or the bed gets made every day. Cute Teddy on the bed. Jackie

  3. As long as you're comfortable and having sweet dreams that's what matters most. Looks lovely for you :)

  4. Hello again. Thanks for your message. I'd love for you to join... I'm hoping we'll get to 9 actually, but as I'd just posted saying 6, I just wanted to check with the others. Castles sounds a fabulous choice. So you'd need to make 7 blocks (including one for you!), each 12 x 12 inches, and ready for the end of May. Would you like to join? I do hope so.

  5. I agree with Jackie, as long as it's comfy it doesn't matter what it looks like :)