customs officers

I will start with the not nice things: I do NOT like condescending fat old customs officers! Being happy and smiley about having won some of Colby's Fugly Fabric I waited for the postman. No luck though, I jsut got a letter to please pick up my parcel at the next customs office (in a neighbouring town), I wrote them a mail explaining about give aways blablabla. That's interesting but they would need some proof. I offered to forward the e-mails. Ohh what a shock to the customs officer, the e-mail was in English (who would have thought that with the package being sent from the USA). So no good. I offered to translate, but he didn't like that he wanted me to come. Phewww I reall ydon't like them. Have you ever heared of commercially send fabric wrapped in a plastic zip-lock bag accompanied by a personal note? And yes they know all that because they opened the whole thing (that's what the sello tape says : opened by the post to be processed by customs).
Some people just drive me mad. Did I mention I had to take the train to get to the customs office?

The nice things:
I got some flower fabrics that I will be able to put to good use ...

I'm preparing for swaps and you never know who is looking so just a  peak

And I posted my give away which hopefully will not have such a hard time getting through customs. I had no problems sending it after I told the Lady at the post office that she miss-read my handwriting. I was not sending fabric, crocheting and a syringe, but fabric, crocheting and lace. (well the German words for syringe and lace look very smilar)

Seems I have no luck with officials, they always find a way to annoy me.


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  1. I couldn't help but laugh at the German post officer lady thinking you were sending a syringe. :-)
    Believe me, Spanish officers are worse than that. Customs laws here have gotten stricter. Everything coming from Asia is opened, even gifts from friends. Not fair.