the advantage of being able to read

... aye that was something I should have done trying out the "Kool-Aid" unsweetened soft drink mix today. I do NOT blame Dawn who send it to me representing "real US sweet things". I entierly blame myself and my looks like "Ahoi-Brause" probably gets prepared the same way.

Anyone of you whoe doesn't know "Kool-Aid" it's basicly citric acid (the stuff you use to descale pots and the shower) .. ehhm anyway to get to the point. 


I innocently poured the content of the package into a glass filled it up with water and took a sip, just expecting it to be a little sour and sweet and probably strawberry/cherry/raspberry tasty-ish judging from the colour. That was one terribly big huge mistake. 

So after I went through that experience I first drank a lot more plain water just to get some sort of feeling back. And then I look on the package, and ohh yes on the back there it says:
Serv 1/8 package (0.9g) (makes 8 fl oz) Servings 8

Aye I better should have red that strange American decieving wrapping before I tried it out and not just assumed  ... 


Deciding that I needed some positive experience after that sour shock I went into town and raided the library. I have enough CDs, DVDs and books for the next few weeks and only 7 days before I have to bring them back. 



  1. I hope you poured your glass into a pitcher, and added about 2 quarts of water total then added about a cup of sugar. Then you will have about 8 glasses of very sweet drinkable goodness.

  2. Wow here Kool-Aid is the drink of choice for folks with big families because it is cheap and a little goes a long way. If not mistaken there is a sweetened version also. I can get 5 of those little packs for one dollar. Grape and Cherry are my favorites. When I was growing up grandma use to make the kool-aid in a big pitcher and then pour it in freezer trays and we would have kool-aid popsickles.
    It is sweeet drinkable goodness!

  3. Oh, that is too funny! It's a little sad that Kool-Aid represents the U.S. so well, since like you said it's basically citric acid. Wish we could represent ourselves a little better!

  4. I haven't drunk Kool-Aid since I was a kid. Flavoured water really and I like water all by itself. You are really having a taste experience with all the American "treats".

  5. I know how that first taste was. I did that when I was a kid. A lesson never to be forgotten.