April came and went

I'm a little late joining the lovely Ladies at Lily's Small Blog Meet - my excuse I have been blowing my nose and sleeping the last few days.

April was a nice month :
I swapped a block and a mini quilt, the ones on the left that look like a sewing goddess made them are the ones I got, the easy and seemingly uncomplicated ones are then ones I did. I got some real American sweets - that I'm still eating in small dosages tryign to make them last longer - the twizzlers were the most disturbing artificial cherry bites I ever  tasted (so far). And I found someone willing to use the blue crocheted "anti-fly bowl cover" it will be crossing the atlantic soon.


I'm still sewing my castles, but am almost done - most packages seem to get looked through by customs officers and I had a great time digging in my mom's garden and building that tiny littel dry wall



  1. Hi ~ just wanted to pay you a return visit, thank you for your comment on my blog :) I love your blue crochet work, it looks like you have had a productive April ~ lovely to meet you, Hilary.

  2. Those little pinwheel blocks are so cute! What is it about quilters that draws them to gardening, too? I love to work in the garden, and Clare at Selfsewn loves to dig in the dirt, too :-)

  3. I love Twizzlers! What does that say about me???

  4. Your castle is really cute! Good luck with the swap!

  5. Great castle.
    Visiting from the Small Blog meet.