the holidays came and went

My holidays didn't go as I planned .. I sort of wanted to do nothing and ended up working in the garden nearly every day. I did spend a few minutes every evening to work on the give away (is it bad behaviour to not have it ready when the commenting starts?) I think I intentionally forgot how time consuming it is to sew on all those beads - but it's worth the work. All that's left is stiching the flap secure (the little thingy covering the zipper on the top? is there a name for that?) and of course close it at the sides and maybe add another row of beads at the bottom.

After the holidays is always there is always the big stash of post, there were some quitling books I ordered (I need to limit my time on amazon) and a block from a swap and my Doll Quilt for this month and a shoe box full of sraps from a friend and my leaving gift from my collegues (I have been waiting for that for almost 4 months)

My little Doll Quilt, or rather Sharon's as she made it was nominated for the "Bloggers Quilt Festival" on Amy's Creative Side it's pretty much at the bottom of the page, there are a lot of beautiful quilts to marvel at ... I shouldn't spend too much time there it makes me feel like a bad sewer for not turning out a new quilt every second month and producing tons of cushions, aprons, swap blocks in between ..


PS: I think I will start my baking adventure with a red velvet cake it did sound most interessting - I'm hunting for a recipe now, if you know one leave a link! 

[Edit:] Now I really forgot something Beth at Plum and June started a blog hop tour for new blogs and the first contributions are online so have a look at the list and visit them.

Plum and June

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  1. The flap over a zipper is called a placket. Strange word.