weekend printing

Me and some friends - ok in good English some friends and I - did some farbic printing this weekend. It was mostly eating and talking, but we did get some things done.

                                                                                I printed a lot of 10cm pre-cuts, a lovely dinosaur for my kid sister - I have another one on the light blue fabric and of course my two typewriters as everyone seems to own typewriter fabric.                                                                                                                                               


And as it's Monday I'm linking up with Manic Monday


  1. This looks very cool! Where did you get the fabulous typewriter?

  2. Those are fantastic. I'd love to do a screen printing course - it's on my list, but this looks as if you had a lot of fun. Great news about the castles. I'm about to do a post to see where everyone's at. I hadn't asked for signatures, as wanted to keep it simple, and as it's a small swap, I think it'll be clear who's who, so don't worry about that.