sewing is dangerous

I thought I would make something I had wanted to make for a long time: a Union Jack block.

UPDATE: here I have to excuse myslef to the British readers, Anonymous nicely pointed out to me that I was flying my Union Jack upside down, which is apparently a sign of distress and a no-go. After some googleing and some thinking I came to the conclusion I had sewn my block together wrongly, so I can't fly it the right way. I hope you will all manage to forgive that mistake....

 As I learned to plan ahead I decided to put the potatoes on for tomorrow's potatoe salad - well that was the beginning of the end, measuring, cutting and some sewing later there was a terrible smell - I don't think I ever got from the machine to the stove that quick before. Well now the pot is soaking in smelly oven-cleaner and my kitchen stinks.


PS: here are the linky parties I try to join


  1. Whoop whoop - loving your Union Jack.
    Its totally fab.
    Thanks so much for the link xxxx
    Ooops shame about those tatties.

  2. I hate when that happens. Cooking is hard. Sewing is love.

  3. :) You know you're a quilter when: You burn supper.

  4. Anonymous25 June, 2012

    The block is very nice, but please don't call it a Union Jack! This is what the British might think about it:
    "To deliberately fly the flag upside down is a signal indicating a situation of 'DISTRESS'. It is also "lese Majeste" (which means: insulting the Crown), and is theoretically still a crime in the UK and its commonwealth!"
    Source: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/geography/unionjack7.html
    I'm sure that was not your inteention.

  5. Dear Anonymous - thank you for the information - I didn't know there was a rigth way or a wrong way. Now I took a look at my piecing, which seems to be the wrong way round, it is impossible to turn it the right way.

  6. Good grief Anonymous, suck all the joy out of life why don't you. Just a little bit self-important are we?

    THIS Brit thinks a new quilter did a fabulous job on the block.

    So she posted the picture upside down, pfffft.