Introducing a (for me) traditional food

I asked for a traditional food in the "Holidays are Over - back to school blog hop give away" so I thought maybe I should offer up a traditional food too.

 cabbage pasta / pasta with cabbage 

Kratnudeln - cabbage and pasta

You need for the pasta (equals 600g dried pasta):
* 500g flour
* salt
* 1- 2 eggs (or none)
* 1/8 l water (equals 4-6 filled half egg shells)

(You are all quilters so you know your math - use it to get the right amount, or just let the rest you don't need dry up completely and store for another time). Ehh yes sure you can also take the short cut and just use store bought broad/wide pasta - but that's cheating!

cuttingMix it all and knead very well, you should end up with a big ball of ver firm, even textured dogh.
Cut in 4-6 pieces and roll out very thin, cut in stripes (not using your rotary cutter, but freehand knif cutting. Leave them to dry off a bit
Cook in boiling water 5-10 minutes depemding on how thin/thick your pastas are, take out of the pot and into a bowl with warm water
For the cabbage:
* 1- 2 onions - chopped in tiny pieces
* cabbage - a normal sized cabbage use 1/4 per person, sliced (that's a teeny tiny fresh tipped cabbage on the picture)
* salt, pepper

Fry the onion until a little brown, add the cabbage, let that get a little brown too, then turn the heat on low for another 15 minutes or so, add salt to your taste
Top off with fresh ground pepper

Bon Appetit!



  1. We eat this all the time. We use long skinny noodles when we make it. We found the recipe in my husbands diabetic cookbook.

  2. Yummy! I wll try it! I think I will even make the fresh pasta. You make it look so easy. And for those ounce people out there 1gram = .035 oz.
    500g x .035 = 17.5 oz (that's dry ounces) It's the science teacher in me, I can't help myself. cheers, Claire W.