W.I.P. wednesday

I have a finish - as of yesterday night:
And I took it to America* to take some pictures

mini quilt
mini quilt

*the America section of the Botanical Garden

I wanted to enter the leaf into Michel's weekely contest, would be nice if at least one person could take a heart and give me a vote, just so I don't feel too embarassed -  I have no idea if I'm good enough for those kind of contests ... but it can't really hurt.

And of course a ton of WIPs that I will never finish I fear

mini quilt Tops
a teeny tiny mini waiting to be bound and trimmed - 2 large tops and a mini top, waiting for the basting

mini quilt

a pinwheel / mill block scraps quilt (ages old) that I finally got around to baste now all I need are ideas for the quilting



  1. Oh, I adore that Leaf quilt! It's beautiful! Where do I vote?

  2. Me too - the quilting is lovely!

  3. You should totally enter it in a contest - that leaf looks wonderful! And your quilting looks fantastic.

  4. I love how one side of the leaf is so colorful!

  5. Hey leonie, I love the leaf in the park. I would vote for that one for sure! And I love the little quilt waiting to be bound. Those concentric circles really enhance the design!
    I wouldn't take the voting thing toooo seriously. I have come to the conclusion that it is really a friend fest kind of thing. The winners are generally beautiful but the voting is not about objective analysis And sometimes quilts that get a whole lot of votes, Tho' nice, aren't real super stand- outs. Even Michele says in her Introduction ' get your friends to vote for you!' I think that's OK as long as everybody understands that's what's going on. And how lucky that those people have so many friends and admirers! cheers, Claire W.

  6. Es una hoja preciosa.