enjoying the holidays

I am having a fabulous time, doing nothing. May I introduce you to my holiday enemy, I haven't quite figured out how to walk through the "string curtain" without getting my glasses caught in in.

holiday enemy

A little snack in between - the green stuff is sour and I really love it (and yes I'm sure it's edible), it was a long walk from the back of the garden to the kitchen, not many of the raspberries survived. Oi and today was a very nice and sunny day again, after some gray cloudy days. Hmm my ears don't really look flattering on the shadow picture, next time I will try another hair style.


And that is where I will walk to now, with a bottle of  apple juice and a good book. Watch some frogs, listen to the neighbours having a bbq I think (I can only smell the smoke). And write some "I am on holidays and you not, I feel soooo sorry for you"-postcards and letters.

enjoy a book



  1. My grandma had one of those string courtains and I loved playing with it. Of course, back then I didn't wear glasses so I don't know how it would feel now.
    That reading spot looks wonderful!

  2. So glad you're enjoying yourself!
    And we're all having GREAT weather!
    Lucky us for waiting so long to go on holiday!!