shopping shock or living with international shipping

I always figured fabric here was a litle bit more expensive than in the US but I never actually got around to really do the math. As yet another blogger opend a quilt shop today I decided I would start a little comparing.

Jelly Rolls (the cheap ones) cost me 60$, basic yardage is around 20$ - so I figure I need to find me a shop with moderate international shipping (I know it's a contradiction in itself) and do a bit of research on importing fabri. I'm not the biggest fan of customs, I know they only do their job, but I find it creepy knowing that someone else went through my things ... and the worst of course, they want money from me.

So who knows a place where Iwon't get a heart attack lookign at the international shiping?



  1. I can totally stick my hand up and say, Pink Castle Fabrics are fantastic.

  2. I order from Etsy and it ends up being cheaper, even with shipping and customs charges, than buying form a UK shop. I use Sew Fresh Fabrics a lot. Good luck with your search.

  3. The Intrepid Thread is my fave place for modern fabrics. I pay $12.95 for up to 9 yards and always try to make sure the package is full. I see for international it is only $4 more - seems like a good deal to me, but you'll have to decide.

  4. Ich kaufe immer in England, keine Zollprobleme, schnelle Lieferung und auch nicht so teuer wie in Deutschland. (zB Village Haberdashery, Simply Solids). Von drei Bestellungen aus den USA blieben zwei beim Zoll hängen und es hat jeweils über 6 Wochen gedauert. Aber ich habe schon auch andere Berichte gehört...

  5. Hello Leo. Try http://www.craftsy.com
    Here you will find online classes for all things crafty.
    At the top look for the page "Deals". They have some lovely jellyrolls and with % off. I think
    you will find something you will like. Not sure what INTL shipping will be but give it a try.

  6. Hey Leo,
    That's crazy! $60.00 for a Jelly roll! Yikes! I've got some suggestions. I'll blog about it tomorrow! cheers, CW