winner announced

Yes today is the day to announce the winner for the "Back to School Blog Hop Give Away" (that is an awfully long title).

I feel really really really really .... really bad that I can only name one winner. I hope all of you had a great time visiting all the blogs - I enjoyed reading your local food and of course the "special reason"-comments were really great. If I didn't reply to your comment, I'm very very sorry, there were so many I tried my best, but I'm just a human being.

And that is: (tatatatada .. drum roll etc)

Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee drinks. Good thing I love coffee. As for a food probably fresh crisp Washington Apples. And what about all those chocolate bars. Yum Chocolate!

If you want to visit PJ - she blogs on off Avondale Road  you could always try to sweet talk her into shareing with you. If not I can offer post cards to those who didn't make it - that's a sort of a I have to do somehting not to feel too bad offer - or to say it in German a "Trostpreis" (consolation prize).


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  1. Thanks for a lovely giveaway and congratulations to PJ!