House Advent Calendar

Jenn from Lea&Lars asked around for pattern testers and as I needed to make an advent calendar ayway I volunteered and was sent the pattern.

front page of the pattern c by lea&lars

House Advent Calendar

my attempt at adding a little snow to the roof - not really successfull

Houye Advent Calendar
I really love those stripes - they come form a collection of blouse fabrics

House Advent Calendar
A late night shot - I worked two evenings and a morning. I did a lot more quilting
than the pattern asked for, but I had chosen a rather thick batting and was having
trouble sticking anything inside the windows. (I would call them doors)

04 house with candy and elf and problem solved
And here the complete thing is hanging on the wall, ususally I have a quilt hanging
there but I had to take that down to take a nice picture of the calendar hanging.

just liked the sun glowing through
Well I just like "against the sun" pictures, but I didn't leave it in the sun for long, I was
far too afraid the lovely chocolate would melt - can you believe that there were only 23 
in the package?!? Well I'm glad the elf comes along, and if I send the whole thing a day
late maybe noone will figure out.

Yes so why did I have to make an Advent Calendar - my Mother in all her wisdom explained to me that I was now too old for an advent calendar. Then she tried some petty excuses like she doesn't get one from granny either (pah as if she ever does anything like granny, apart from the cooking), not having the containers for the calendar (well I happen to know they are in a shoe box, right next to the tree decoration in the cellar). Well anyway this is my attempt to prove to her that you can never get too old to get an advent calendar. I'm sewing on for me on the side - I already got the filling, I won that in last years Sew Mama Sew Christmas giveaway marathon.

Well she has some wisdom and gave me a pencil with a nice quote on it:

Viele Kinder haben schwer erziehbare Eltern - Lots of chilren have parents that are diffuclt to educate.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau (a rather free translation)



  1. You are never too old for an advent calendar:-) I think yours is lovely!

  2. I love your take on the pattern. The striped fabrics make it look a bit like a circus - very pretty. Your mother will be thrilled!

  3. I should really have made us a new advent calendar. Yours is so lovely.

  4. Oh Leo I LOVE the quote. I so enjoy a good laugh!

    I agree one is not too old for an advent calendar...especially one filled with chocolate!!

    You did a wonderful job and I also love the stripe fabric you used. Very colorful indeed.

    blessings, jill

  5. Hey Leo,
    I love your rendition of the Advent Calendar! And I think the curvy quilting on the roof looks really good and the plaids over the yellow gingham worked really well! I liked the quote from Rousseau. I'm sure my children would say that about me; but then I would have to say it works both ways. happy holiday, cheers, CW