Newest Arrival

Today my August Doll Quilt arrived. My partner missed part of the street in my address when she send the first quilt. So it never arrived here and she generously offered to make another one.
Which arrived some time during the weekend - I jsut found the notice card to pick it up this afternoon (hence then "in the dark" pictures). Well I like it very much, freash summery colours for a dark time.

Doll Quilters' Monthly - 08/2012

And hehe yes there are some nerds - I blame Dawn, she send some of them when the DQ-Swap started, and I sort of like them a great deal. They just taste like nothing I get here. Ehh I just need to figure out how to open the box.

Doll Quilters' Monthly - 08/2012

Ohh and of course I had a wonderful time at home ... doing a photo shooting with the (can I still call it) birhtday kid in the garden - ehh yes before the serious work began, there is no earth on the quilt:

Beginner's Quilt Along
Beginner's Quilt Alonggardeninghome

And now the reason why I constantly complain about the lack of mountains in the area I live in at the moment




  1. You like Nerds! It must be the fizziness. Is that you sitting in the lovely garden room? It looks very relaxing and peaceful.

  2. Beautiful and so sunny quilt and your photos are really wonderful!

  3. That quilt looks just so sunny and bright, perfect for a gloomy winter day!

  4. You did such a wonderful job on your quilt. Glad you were able to get home and enjoy your mountains. Although we live closer to the mountains now (we moved from San Diego and the beach), my husband will always think of the Sierra Mountains as his mountains.

    blessings, jill
    ps. will be emailing that pumpkin cake recipe very soon

  5. Hey Leo, I'm confused are you saying those are mountains or they are not mountains? The doll quilt is very cute! cheers, CW

  6. Your orange quilt is wonderful!

  7. Very pretty and you have a great helper outside, nice!