Late Christmas Presents and Guest

The little ones are on the train home again - so I can realx with a cup of coffee and proof-read a paper and watch some 16+ DVDs

We did some knitting - the littlest asked if I culd teach her, so we went through my yarn and needle box. For an eleven year old she has got a lot of patience


And I did learn a lot of new modern "cool" ways to express frustration and hate from little one after she realised just how much straight stitching she had to do once she started on the Ticker Tape Mini that she picked from a book (I told her to try a big Wonky star).

Ticker Tape

In between we had some lovely


And of course we exchanged Christmas gifts - I did talk little one into posing with the quilt. But littleset one refused (I was lucky to score a picture of her knitting).

Ribbonry I



  1. Sounds like the weekend went rather well! What is in the oven? Looks like it might be pizza...

  2. Hey Leo, Somehow I missed that the twin quilts were for your sisters! What a great gift. I hope they really showed their appreciation and gave you big hugs! What's in the oven? Pizza? Yum! Looks like you did a lot of fun things with them despite the weather etc. Cheers, CW