Happy New Year

Since some lovely people managed to shoot a fireworks racket into a historic building almost burning it to the ground in the town center a few years ago, it's off limits for fireworks. But that only means we have more on the hills surrounding the town.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and of course the best wishes for a new Year.

I didn't manage to do this last year so I will show the last Christmas finishes now:


It's not completely done yet (and only fits me with a ton of pins at the back - but then it's not for me so it's ok) - please ignore the socks - well I thought it reasonable to wait with the cutting off and marking the seam until the real owner has time to stand model.


A last minute Christmas present for a dress sewer (the only sewer among my friends, though without a clue about quilting and patchwork) - she complained she always sews for others and noone ever sews for her and asked if I could do her a "Finnland themed" cushion case. Well yes I managed somehow.


That's sadly not my cabinet / closet, but it worked fine to drape the finished quilt for a foto shoot without my mom's slippers (she complained about that "problem" so that was the solution).

Ribbonry I - completedRibbonry I - completed

And I already have a new finish: a bee block - we were asked for (untrimmed) granny squares

Bee Biased - January

And now I need to prepare for the little monsters - my sisters invited themselves for the weekend - any hints on how to keep a 13 and 11 year old occupied and happy?



  1. Hey Leo, OOOH that skirt is so cute! What a great use of strips!! And Your Finnland blocks are great! Your lucky the colors are blue and white always a fun combo to work with! And the twin quilt came out really great!

    13 and 11 that's a tough age range. Movies, shopping, the Zoo, A walking trip to the chocolate shop for some Coco (I guess that depends on the weather?) Holiday cookie making? Good luck! cheers, CW

  2. Give them a whole bunch of scraps to sew together so they can make a quilt?! :)