Wednesday again - and I just managed to get my January swap mini finished in time. If I hurry with the lable I might have it in the mail by the 31st.

DQS - 2013/01

Sorry for the crappy shots - but with the exams coming up there is one rule down: no sewing before 8:00pm. The horror will start Thursday at 7:30 am - who else could be so cruel than a Latin Prof?

DQS - 2013/01

NewbeeBee - February

my green and purple "garden fence" block for the NewbeeBee

BeeBiased - February

my - not so beautiful - butterfly-ish block for BeeBiased
I didn't attempt any other projects, I didn't look at any other projects though I've been thinking a lot about other projects, so much nicer than grammar or ISO standards ...


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  1. What a cute mini and blocks, sounds like you are busy, busy! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday