weekend sewing

Well there wasn't that much weekend sewing this weekend - and the only thing I blame for that are my new glasses - it's amazing how much more dust and loose threads I see with them.

Remember the Rose Compass Doll Quilt I showed you last week? this is what I got in return:

Leonie's Doll Quilt, Dec, 2012

Ok but that's nothing I did, not my sewing. It's made by Lizzie.

I'm still working on my Easy Street Quilt, and it will take some more weekends - I sewed on the 4-patches in the wrong way, so I need to change that before I sew them together. But I have done the smaller half for the assembling. This thing is damn huge - used up most of my free space on the floor. I knew it was not small but not that it was going to be that big?!

Easy Street - part 8

As I'm usually at a loss what to do for my Doll Quilt Swap partners, as they are so hard to pin down and tell me what they like or don't like. So this month I go on "likes the Quiltville blog". So I'm using my Easy Street cut offs and rests. Hope that will work. The triangle squares ar about 3,5 inch square ...

DQS - 13/01



  1. Your Easy Street is looking beautiful, love the colors! It covered the top of my king size bed and I haven't put the borders on yet. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. Hey Leo, What a lucky duck you are to have a swap buddy like that! I like the 4 patches the way they are it gives it a different look and the check/ gingham is very effective as the 'go between' of the star blocks. I wouldn't change it. The THS will make a great small quilt. You go girl!, cheers, CW

  3. Hi Leo! I just stopped by to ask a question: on another blog you mentioned that there is a noun in German for that distance between the needle end the edge of the foot, and I'd love to know what it is, please. :-)

    That star quilt is amazing! You have way more patience than I do. It's beautiful.

    And now oh my, yet another blog for me to get lost in, and it's already 4:50 a.m.!!! I shall return.


    1. Dear Libby - I'm so sorry, you show up as no-reply blogger and I can't answer by e-mail. Also your profile isn't connected so I can't visit your blog in return and leave a comment there.

      About the word you are looking for it'S "Steppfußbreite". When I Was a kid my mum would always tell me to cut the "Nahtzugabe" (seam allowance) at 1cm and mark the line of the pattern. Wheras she would just cut hers at "Steppfußbreite" so she didn't need to draw the pattern lines.

  4. Thanks Leo! I did receive your response in my email - my Google ID is required to leave a comment, and the ID links to my email. And I don't have a blog.

    I just think it's interesting that some languages have a word for something, but not in English. My Steppfusbreite (I don't have that German letter) is bigger than 1/4", so my Nahtzugabes are always closer to 3/8".

    Dank und gerne nähen!

    1. Ohh I see. so I can leave replaies for you here - yep my seam allowance is 0,75cm, which is just a bit over 1/4", but I can guess the 1/4" by now - though maybe one day Iwill get myself a 1/4" foot - or just make my own patterns with "my" seam allowance.

      Ahh you knwo in German it's really easy to combine several nouns and create a new one.

  5. Your Easy street looks great. I agree it is big and lots of pieces.