I was almost about to forget to share this little beauty with you: It arrived at Lizzie's place well in time to be a Christmas present.

DQS - 2012 - 11

[hand pieced and hand quilted]

This was one of those "never ever again" quilts that make you love doing them but you are afraid to ever get the urge to do another one ...

I'm working on:
Walk the line
Easy Street - Step 3,4,5
Ticker Tape

And I need to get started on:
  •  a "snow themed" mini quilt for January
  •  a butterfly block for February
  • start Hand Quilting Trial 2



  1. Your star quilt is beautiful - I particularly love the hand quilting.

  2. Love your mariners compass!

  3. I really like the disappearing nine-patch: it looks almost like stained glass, the way you have it hung up there. The way you've placed color makes it really fun to look at, and not as noisy as disappearing nine-patch quilts can sometimes be.

  4. The compass quilt is just beautiful.

  5. Your hand quilting is so very nice! Can't wait to see more of your Easy Street - nice combo of colors!

  6. Geez Leo, you have been busy! The little wall hanging is very pretty and nicely quilted! I don't get why that pattern is called Disappearing nine patch?! There are only 4 patches in the basic unit. Is that why...the other 5 patches disappeared? I do like the pattern tho' and your choice of colors is very nice. cheers, CW

  7. I think that is the prettiest DP9 I have ever seen!! Great stuff in the works!

  8. Your compass quilt is just amazing, and I love that D9P! Definitely going on my idea board.... Whoop whoop!