Diamond Stars

Well what happens if you show others what you make? - Aye they turn all curious and ask "How did you do that?". Well and me being me and mostly a nice person I offered to do a "How To" - I won't call it a tutorial because I don't do tutorials.

This is what we are going to make today:

diamond star

What you need:
* 12 light coloured 2,5" x 2,5" parallelograms (with alpha being 60°)
* 12 dark coloured 2,5" x 2,5" parallelograms (with alpha being 60°)
* 6 contrasting 4,5" x 4,5" parallelograms (with alpha being 60°)

[if you forgot your math: the length of all 4 sides is given, the vertical lines bend by a 60° angle, so if you want to cut several, cut a 2,5" (4,5") strip then cut off a triangle by linging up your 60° mark on your ruler with the edge. After that just line up the 2,5" (4,5") line of your ruler with the bend edge and the straight edge with the 60° line and cut and cut until you have enough pieces]

diamond stardiamond stardiamond star

start with laying out your star:

diamond star

Then pair up the parallelograms or diamonds and sew them together with a 1/4" seam, make sure they
overlap a bit, so you will have an even edge when you press the seam

diamond star

Once you have 2 of the diamond pairs, sew them together to get a bigger diamond:
diamond star

line up the big diamond with the small one and sew them together:

diamond star

line up the next star spike and start where the other seam is - make sure to fold the bigger diamond back

diamond star
diamond star

Flip the whole thing and sew the two spikes together, make sure you match the middle seams - again start at the Y-seam (where the 3 meet) and make sure you start 1/4" inward.

diamond star

Continue until you have half a star

diamond star

make another half, sew them together, into one big star:

diamond star

Have fun with the Y-seams!

PS: you can replace the big diamond with a set of 4 small diamonds, if you wish to.


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  1. Hi Leo, you mastered y-seams! I am proud of you. There is actually a way to do this that "looks" the same but without all the trouble. Great job!