lasagna, skirts and a quilt

"We" had some fun yesterday - first eating lots and lots of this:


And then taking up the skirt I started sewing last year ... now I just need to hem it - how do you hem a skirt?

taking up the skirt ...

I also started quilting my little pinwheel quilt and as I could hardly feel my fingertips anymore I thought maybe a timble could be the solution - just it wore through the thread really really fast, maybe I'm just using it wrongly. My solution was to cover my finger in tape.

DIY timble

Ohh yes and that's the quilt - which is probably much more interessting ... 




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  1. Hey Leo, The lasagna looks very yummy! And that skirt is so cute. I think my daughter would like that style. I don't normaly offer to make here clothes, our tastes tend to diverge in this area, but I think she'd like that design. And it is certainly something I have the supplies to make! The doll quilt is very cute! How's the tape working for you? cheers, CW