what I start with

That's what I did last time I was playing around in the mudd (that was between the years) - well I dug some new beds, and also finished that one - it's now wating to get some sort of path laid through it - big stepping stones (I'm sitting in fron of the gate to the back where the wood shed and compost heaps are) as a short cut - sort of.


And I thoroughly I cursed whoever put in those metal stakes to hold I don't know what - but they did a pretty thorough job at making sure it wasn't easy to dig them out again.


but hey I got them all out - no chance getting me to defeat in the garden


The post is scheduled so still no sewing - but as my train travelling home usually takes quite a long time I should be able to show something, well at least a pair of potholders.



  1. Hey Leo, wow, what a pain! But nice to get back to the garden?! cheers, cw

  2. Interesting metal stakes! Ah to be gardening - it's a long way off for me.