dozen in one post

uhh yes I have been quiet - didn't read a single blog, barely read any mails, but I read a thousand books and had lot's of chicken soup, I could effectively refuse the offers of warm beer. Now after a week I reduced my tissue usage to hmm 2 packs a day, I almost used up a honey jar and there's no thyme left on the spice rack.

So I did promise some potholders - because yes I did finish them on the train.


I even started quilting something - no idea what I thought when I started apart from "I want to work on my tiny stitches"

flower circles

Ok the circles are far from round - storing the project squeezed in a tiny bag didn't really  help with the wrinkles. For comparison that is a circle:


And that is a lunch that's composed of food sins - not really healthy at all but tasty and yes perfect to scare off a lot of people - they just don't appreciate it.


That's some "Münster", deliciously smelly cheese at the left, half a bread with "Griebenschmalz", lard and greaves, "grobe Leberwurst", liver sausage with chunks in it, not the finely ground kind then there's some "Bauernbratwurst", well hmm no idea how to explain that one then there is "Schwarzwurst" (black sausage) that wants some mustard to go along - I won't tell you what's in it because then you might not ever give it a try if you come across it.
Don't be afraid you can get some simple plain cheese or a salami here if you want- much more common actually. Well yeah most people don't like the "traditional food" because they want to firmly believe that meat grows on trees and that chickens are made up completely of chicken breasts and cows only consist of tenderloin and the occasional steak.

So that was todays excursion into strange German food - maybe I should introduce more of that. Some "Szegediner Gulasch" (which is not German at all but my Grandpa used to cook it a lot and there's Sauerkraut in it)



  1. Hey Leo, Welcome back! Sorry to hear you were using so many tissues! Love the potholders! Yours are so even and pretty. Mine always turn out so lumpy!
    Most of your platter looks really yummy to me. Dispite the fact that I come from the land of vegans and vegies I am a great lover of salami and their varients. Stinky cheese, I'm a little more sellective.
    Are you officially moved into your new digs or are you still at your mums? take care, CW

  2. Interesting looking lunch. I would definitely try it all out. Hope you are getting settled somewhere.