being busy

So I start to feel a little bad posting so much - but hey I finally have some real "time" on my hands so I need to suse it right?! Well I did - Thursday was a holiday and Friday was turned into a "bridge day" so I finished quilting my D9P.

D9P - finally getting somewhere

Well some details - try not to see all the loose threads I still need to take care of - I really should look into those meandering-endless designs. Uhh yeah when do I ever do what I should be doing ... why take the easy way if there's a complicated one.


Oh yeah and I think Imentioned using a sheet? bed cover? hmm I can't be bothered to look it up - anyway it's alovely rosé with rosé white flowers and brownish leaves (mind it's NOT pink - I don't do pink - except for very very good friends who know how to make me feel guilty if I refuse)


Well and as I was at the sewing machine - and needed a quilting break I took out a handful of scraps I got in the post that morning and - there it was a pre-cut flower, which I deemed perfect to give my sports trousers a "Ladylike" touch. I would have prefered a red or green and blue striped shorts - but I couldn't find any without pockets so I got stuck with the blue soccer shorts. Well I should have chosen a more girly sport like hmmm volley ball or tennis or badminton and I could get my colourfull shorts/skirts ...

upcycling - scrap usage

And here a complete shot - ehh and yeah that's the next quilt waiting for the basting pins so I can quilt it - the weather is really miserbale - The "ice holies" start tomorrow and they really want to do right by their name.

upcycling - scrap usage + quilt basting

And that's it - wll until I finish quilting the next quilt - I just need to settle on a "design".


Plum and June


  1. Your quilting looks great! Wait until I show the flower I sewed on my pants...

  2. Hey Leo, The quilt looks great! And I like the quilting a lot! I hope you are going to keep this one for yourself! Cute patch too. Cheers, CW

  3. The quilting does look fantastic! I like your girly shorts too:-)

  4. I like your quilting lines, particularly how you chose to quilt in different directions in different areas of the quilt. It looks great!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. I love the way that you've quilted the borders (and your feet help show the size of the quilt - from the first picture I thought it was a much smaller quilt!)

    Found you on Monday link up.

  6. Hehe, I didn't realise the scale of the quilt until the feet too! I've just started FMQ and I am enjoying being able to just meander my way across the quilt!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. The quilt behind the shorts looks interesting, great shorts.

  8. Your quilting looks great and those shorts are very sweet :)

  9. Great quilt! The quilting really compliments it.