quilting at last and other things

I finished this top a really really long time ago - I think it's my first "big" quilt top ever. I made it using my first giveaway winnings - a charm pack. Well I was out of batting for the last 2 or 3 months and finally got a load last week, but couldn'T start anything as I had to prepare for my sister's confirmation - lot's of nice food and an interessting field study on the reaction of my catholic grandparents (both in their late 80ies) to the protestant service.

confrimation cakes

So anyway that's my quilting/sewing corner (I should clean up a bit before quilting errr taking pictures next time) so far it's been stitch in the ditch-ing for me. But I already started on the big triangles. [here's a picture of the top] And if you wonder what the backing is - yes it's sort of a rosé coloured fabric with flowers printed on it - well a vintage sheet - cut open on one side, was just big enough for the back. Now you could probably say it doesn't fit - well I'm not one to worry too much about such things and I like the front and I like the back so they work together.


Oh and I think I haven'T shown you my April bee blocks yet? I was in such a hurry to get them send off that I forgot to do a post about them - I need to work on making more individual posts instead of one big post with a ton of things in it - I know that the attention span of humans has limits.

NewBee Bee April

BeeBiased April

And as a last picture to cause an overload on your end - I finished that quilt as a Christmas present and never took a picture so while visiting for the confirmation I snuck up on my sister and got a shot - she's not into having her pictures taken, though it's gettign better she doesn't hide anymore on group shots. [Not that I'm any better]

Ribbonry II



  1. I like the stars you have been making. Good thing you could sneak in to take a picture, and now have fun quilting, I bet your new quilt will be beautiful, too.

  2. Hey Leo, I like that top a lot when you posted it and I think nice soft old sheets that still have some use in them are perfectly fine for backing. Softness is my chief piont in picking backings! I like flannel the best. Sometimes I use flannel sheets.I like the weave top quilt for your sister. She's lucky to have an older sister who will make her such things! cheers, CW