Landmädel 1 / Farmer's Wife 1

Am Montag hat der Landmädel QAL angefangen und heute bin ich "endlich" dazugekommen meine Version zu nähen. Ich hab mich für die Restekiste entschieden und irgendwie war mir heute nach "sonnig".

On Monday the German Farmer's Wife QAL started and today I finally got around to sew my version. I decided to use my scraps and somehow I felt liek sewing something sunny today.

Landmädel QAL - calico puzzle

 Well I also got a bee block done - I just did it in the wrong colours ehea yeah ... "jewel tones" are a bit of a mystery to me. So I'm goign to do it again .. but this time I will ask if the colours are right beforehand. What are "jewel tones"?

NewBee Bee - June block - bear paw

Ohh yes I got my May Doll Quilt in the post .. it's really lovely and is sure goign up on my quilt wall - as soon as I find time to sew on the hangers, and get nails in the wall.

DQS - May - Vickie - unusual shape

Sorry I just had to show it again - it's so sunny - and here you can see it's sunny here in real too, we have temperatures in the 30ies - why did I ever think this would be better than the cold spell we had for so long?

Lanmädel QAL - calico puzzle


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